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OSewpersonal Opening Day Plans

Hello Quilting Family!

It is time to announce our opening plans and procedures. Thank you all for being so patient and understanding during these complicated times.

We have tried our hardest to be creative with ways to get you your quilting needs and supplies. I know some of you are ready to come in the shop and touch and feel and really see what you are buying.  While others might be fully content with the online and phone call shopping approach. We are going to continue offering both the Monday Night Facebook Live Sale and Curbside pick up for those still interested in that, but we will be offering in store shopping as well.

As a small business owner, the decision on when to reopen after COVID-19 has been a stressful rollercoaster for me.  It's not only about the obvious concerns, it's also about employees who are like family to me.  It's about the health of my family, my staff, my customers, and my community. It is one thing for customers like yourself to pop into shops quickly and get your items, but it is another to have employees be in constant contact for long hours during a period not knowing where everyone has been. With this being said we are going to try a few things and see how they work. This will be a weekly trial and we could change things each week depending on how smoothly things go.

June 9th both locations will be open to the public with revised hours of 10am-3pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  (Curbside pick up only on Fri/Sat 10-12) These abbreviated hours allow us to continue to clean the store and have enough staff to continue to fulfill Live Sale and email orders.

3 customers will be allowed in the shop at a time. We will have chairs outside to wait or you can wait in your car. If customers are waiting outside, we will ask inside customers to leave after your fabric is picked out and the next customer can come in while we cut your items. We are hoping the lines won't be too long and this will all flow nicely. However, due to the limited numbers we can have at time in the shop this will have to be one of the things we test the first week.

Every customer and employee will be asked to wear a mask during this time frame. You will not be allowed in without one. No exceptions.

Hand Sanitizer station will be set up and we ask that you use it when first entering the shop.

Please keep your distance during shopping times.

At this time no public bathrooms will be available.

We will also be keeping a log of customer's names and phone numbers who visit each store.

We understand that our limited hours and amount of customers allowed in the shop are not ideal. However, this is better than not coming at all.

We will see how the first week flows and make changes as needed as the weeks go on. We might have more employees to help as the weeks go on, and maybe more rules will be lifted by the Gov. to allow more small classes or clubs to resume, but at this time no clubs or classes will take place in the shop, only via Zoom.

We are excited to see people in person. We hope you continue to join us on Monday nights at 7pm for out Facebook Live Sales as well. Items purchased during the Live sale will still only be available for pick up after Fri/Sat. They will not be ready any earlier.

Here's to a new month! Cheers....